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Senior Software Engineer

Engineering / Full Time

We are looking for an experienced integration engineer with an Engineering or Computer Science background (or equivalent on the job experience) who will work closely with our product, AI research, design and development teams to build and deliver cutting edge applications to completely change the delivery of healthcare for everyone on the planet.

You’ll play a meaningful role in:

  • Building Big Picture’s integration interfaces for hospitals, primary care providers and government records systems

  • Extending the company’s product to be used in multiple clinical pathways across the world

  • Enabling Big Picture's goal of democratising medicine

  • Collaborating with our multidisciplinary product team, which includes technological, clinical, and business team members.

  • Work in a passionate, dynamic, growing environment with the ability to learn and adapt quickly to new methodologies and technologies

Your day will involve:

  • Developing FHIR-based interfaces and subscription services for Big Picture’s data integrations

  • Creating public-facing documentation for integrating systems and creating custom applications to utilise Big Picture’s clinical pathways product

  • Collaborating with Big Picture’s customers to integrate with the Big Picture platform from their own systems

  • Working within a scrum team to deliver value to Big Picture’s stakeholders and customers

The right person will:

  • Have 5+ years of software engineering or relevant experience

  • Be proficient in creating web services or enterprise applications using Java, particularly with the Spring framework

  • Have an extensive knowledge of the FHIR integration standard for healthcare applications

  • Have previous experience delivering integrations to hospitals and/or other organisations in the healthcare industry

  • Have previous experience working with Healthcare Integration Engines like Mirth, Orion, Rhapsody

  • Optional: Knowledge of OpenEHR clinical archetypes

  • Optional: Knowledge of using terminology servers to store and lookup clinical coding standards such as SNOMED or LOINC

  • Optional: Experience working with DICOM and/or HL7 v2 integrations

  • Optional: Experience working with AWS or other public cloud infrastructure providers

Our Core Values.

Patient first

Big Picture was founded to improve every patient outcome we touch. This mission drives each decision we make.

360 degrees

It is what our name is all about - we see the bigger picture. Our mission is to globally optimise healthcare, not locally optimise a subset of the disconnected system. That is why we need to bring along the entire ecosystem to have the desired impact.

Fail fast

What we are doing at Big Picture is ground breaking and no world changing innovation is discovered through caution. We encourage ourselves to keep moving forward, making smart data-driven decisions quickly. When we fail we need to be agile enough to pivot quickly and go again.

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