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Healthcare Domain Data Fabric Architect

Data Analytics / Full Time

Big Picture is a software company.  Our digital healthcare platform provides the underlying digital infrastructure to enable any healthcare system to make their data interoperable and to configure and deploy digital pathways according to their needs. The BPM platform enables new models of collaborative, distributed and intelligent care to optimise patient outcomes and make smarter use of healthcare resources.

BPM Healthcare Data Fabric

This is a strategic initiative to achieve no small vision– To break new ground in enabling healthcare data interoperability and integration at scale.  Our goal is to deliver truly collaborative, distributed and intelligent models of care that will transform the clinical outcomes, patient experience, research effectiveness and economics of healthcare delivery – globally. 

You will join us in the formative stages of the BPM HDF, playing a key role as we build out our cohesive, cutting edge data fabric model and services.  The HDF will standardise healthcare data for interoperability and integrate the many players and data sources across eco-systems – delivering universal meaning and a single virtual, secure and trusted source of truth. 

Who You Are and What You’ll Do 

As our Healthcare Domain Data Fabric Architect, you are a talented architect with detailed knowledge across the healthcare technology landscape and practical experience addressing the challenges constraining scaled digital transformation.  Because the foundational problems are fragmented, proprietary and siloed data architectures, you have acquired valuable domain knowledge of healthcare data reference architectures, global interoperability standards and integration methods.  And since Gartner Group (2021) introduced the design concept of Data Fabric for virtualising, integrating and governing distributed information networks, you have been drawn to the possibilities of applying this to enable healthcare information FAIRness across decentralised care eco-systems.  

Ideally, you have already started working with data virtualisation, metadata abstraction and semantic knowledge graphs. 

This is the dream job for you!!

Your Responsibilities

  • You report to the Principal Technologist and are responsible for the short, medium and long-term architecture for the Data Fabric and supporting infrastructures.

  • The BPM Healthcare Data Fabric design concept and component service descriptions are documented to Level 2.  You will further detail these designs and lower level service building blocks, evolving the reference architecture, associated standards and principles.  

  • You will be a prime contributor to the architecture and technology roadmap, you will maintain the architecture repository and lead solution assurance as well as knowledge dissemination for the HDF among clinical, product and engineering teams. 

  • The backbone technologies for the HDF exist and are undergoing validation through use case tests with client/s.  You will evaluate these technologies and take on responsibility for orchestrating architecture activities moving forward, as we continue to build out, evaluate and ruggedise.   

  • We work collaboratively with clients and technology partners.   You will be a key technology consultant in this stakeholder engagement and innovation led business development model. 

  • Your will join a team with a powerful skills mix - systems analysis, solution and cloud platform architecture, health informatics, semantics, data science, data, devops and integration engineering and product management.  You will constantly synthesise new information and be excited to operate in a space where healthcare architecture paradigms are changing. 

  • You will manage the technical development of the HDF services and infrastructures, providing service design and development support in areas such as, but not limited to:

    • Building  configurable tenant / eco-system governance protocols

    • Building configurable tenant / eco-system security controls 

    • Third party plug in services

    • Data Management services such as data quality, observability, persistence

    • Data virtualisation, metadata abstraction, cataloguing, semantic harmonisation, enrichment    

    • Semantic and syntactic interoperability services

    • Integration design workbench and standards based data exchange services

    • Analytics provisioning and data operations services

    • Database and storage solutions to process and persist data

    • Legacy integration workbench  

Your Skills and Experience 

  • To operate as we expect, you should have 7+ years healthcare solutions / data architecture experience with digital healthcare platforms and evidence of delivery at this level across a range of initiatives.  This may include some data engineering experience. 

  • It is essential that you have healthcare domain / data architecture competency, including working knowledge of reference models, relevant data structuring and interoperability standards and frameworks.

  • Demonstrated experience leading high performing cross functional teams.

  • Effective stakeholder engagement - able to deal with stakeholders at all levels of a healthcare and technology organisation.

  • Communication – you have excellent listening skills, able to ask the right questions and correctly understand inputs.   You also produce quality documentation and are confident in presenting findings and recommendations and managing stakeholder meetings effectively. 

  • Scale-up and agile – you can thrive in a dynamic and non-hierarchical culture.  

  • Health-tech savvy – you have up to date architecture and implementation knowledge regarding healthcare information systems, cloud technologies, data management, data fabric / data mesh, semantics,  NLP, healthcare information interoperability standards (Open EHR, HL7FHIR, ISO 13606).

  • Bachelor degree or higher related to technology and or data analytics / science

  • Accreditations  in enterprise architecture / data engineering / data analytics / semantics / healthcare informatics are favoured.

Our Core Values.

Patient first

Big Picture was founded to improve every patient outcome we touch. This mission drives each decision we make.

360 degrees

It is what our name is all about - we see the bigger picture. Our mission is to globally optimise healthcare, not locally optimise a subset of the disconnected system. That is why we need to bring along the entire ecosystem to have the desired impact.

Fail fast

What we are doing at Big Picture is ground breaking and no world changing innovation is discovered through caution. We encourage ourselves to keep moving forward, making smart data-driven decisions quickly. When we fail we need to be agile enough to pivot quickly and go again.

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