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Head of Engineering

Engineering / Full Time

Big Picture Medical is a software company. We are developing a platform that will provide the underlying digital infrastructure to enable any healthcare system to configure and deploy digital pathways according to their needs. The BPM platform enables new models of collaborative, distributed, and intelligent care to optimise patient outcomes and make smarter use of healthcare resources, through the creation of digital pathways.

Role Overview 

The BPM Head of Engineering is responsible for:

  • Operating efficiency of the technology teams

  • People management of the engineering teams

The Head of Engineering reports to the CTO, aligning technology and business delivery requirements. The Head of Engineering structures and leads the technology teams working on platforms, data, service design, product engineering, and service operations in order to execute the technology strategy of the CTO.

The Head of Engineering will have well-maintained knowledge of technology standards, development frameworks, compliance, ethics, and governance. Inherently agile, they can structure and operationalise a high-functioning technology division that is flexible and sustainable across both operational and innovation activities. They have successfully introduced new operating models and approaches to teams.

Your Skills and Attributes

  • Personal Style – practical, process and results-driven, self-aware and passionate.

  • Leadership – you are able to foster a positivity-led culture that thrives off feedback and continuous improvement. Create a team that asks questions, finds, frames, and solves problems in an exceptional manner. 

  • Diversity and inclusion – you promote and champion inclusiveness and the necessity of diverse thinking and point of view in the teams. 

  • Communication and stakeholder engagement – you’re able to articulate, provide clarity on and harbour confidence in others to report on operational performance, for stakeholders such as partners, investors, customers, staff, and the board 

  • Domain knowledge in 

    • IT operating models

    • Agile methodologies

    • Cloud services, service design, data management

Your Duties on Commencement

The technology strategy and roadmap will be established by a consulting CTO. The incoming Head of Engineering will establish an appropriate operating model in order to operationalise this, flexible enough to adapt as needed to address evolving business strategy, market context and operating conditions. 

Their short-term focus is:

  • Design and implement a new technology operating model 

  • Identify immediate gaps in the technology workforce to execute business objectives/deliverables and recruit accordingly

  • Monitor and report on the execution of the roadmap features under the new operating model. Adapt and evolve as the business requires.

  • Forward-looking resource planning, including recruitment, onboarding, and developing into high-functioning teams

  • Engagement with customers and suppliers to gain deeper insight.

Your Experience

  • 10 years or more operating as a senior technologist and leader, demonstrating applicable SFIA levels 7 responsibilities for Change and Transformation, Development and Implementation, Delivery and Operations, Skills and Quality, Relationships and Engagement

  • Earlier career experience with system design and/or consulting

  • Preference for work experience in both medium to large and start-up to scale-up Organisations

  • Business and people management experience in strategy and operations

  • Track record of delivering against strategy and plans

  • Delivery of impactful communications/presentations and facilitation of discussions / round tables with senior stakeholders such as executive peers, boards, investors, and the media

  • Tertiary bachelor's or higher degree

  • Evidence of ongoing passion for ongoing knowledge and skills development, such as executive education, diversified fields of study, or advanced information technology industry certifications

Our Core Values.

Patient first

Big Picture was founded to improve every patient outcome we touch. This mission drives each decision we make.

360 degrees

It is what our name is all about - we see the bigger picture. Our mission is to globally optimise healthcare, not locally optimise a subset of the disconnected system. That is why we need to bring along the entire ecosystem to have the desired impact.

Fail fast

What we are doing at Big Picture is ground breaking and no world changing innovation is discovered through caution. We encourage ourselves to keep moving forward, making smart data-driven decisions quickly. When we fail we need to be agile enough to pivot quickly and go again.

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