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Chief Technology Officer

Engineering / Full Time

Big Picture Medical is a software company. We are developing a platform that will provide the underlying digital infrastructure to enable any healthcare system to configure and deploy digital pathways according to their needs. The BPM platform enables new models of collaborative, distributed, and intelligent care to optimise patient outcomes and make smarter use of healthcare resources, through the creation of digital pathways.

Role Overview
The BPM CTO is the responsible executive presiding over market-facing and organisational technology enablement programme, including:

• The global Big Picture Medical cloud-based business platform
• All product engineering functions
• Services Operations
• Data Infrastructure and Data Management
• Internal applications and business tools
• Cyber security capabilities

The CTO reports to the CEO and collaborates with the Chief Product Officer, Clinical Leader, and Chief Innovation Officer, aligning business and product strategies with the platform and technology.
The CTO leads the teams working on platforms, data, service design, service operations, and product engineering. The cross-functional capabilities include architecture, business analysis, data management, software engineering, cloud platform (multi-tenancy) management, applications management, operational IT, and agile delivery management. In setting technology direction, the CTO directs the reference models, standards, policies, and principles, using technology to optimise efficiencies and enhance experiences and services for stakeholders.
The incoming CTO will own and operationalise the technology strategy and roadmap, adapting to address evolving business and product priorities.

Your Skills and Attributes
Practical Grounding - The CTO will have well-maintained knowledge of technology standards, compliance, ethics, and governance. You will have healthcare domain expertise.
Your deep know-how includes delivering business models, architectures, and service engineering for cloud platform businesses.

You will structure and operationalise a high-functioning technology organisation that is flexible and sustainable. You have successfully introduced new technologies and approaches to teams and have a strong stack record of releasing successful products to market.
• Personal Style – you are empathetic, self-aware, and passionate.
• Leadership – you are able to foster a positive culture that thrives off the feedback and continuous improvement. A team that asks questions, finds, frames, and solves problems in an exceptional manner.
• Diversity and inclusion – you promote and champion inclusiveness and the necessity
of diverse thinking and point of view in the teams.
• Communication and stakeholder engagement – you’re able to articulate, provide clarity and harbour confidence in the technology strategy, for stakeholders such as partners, investors, customers, staff, media, analysts, and the board
• Business to technology translational know-how – you apply the highest level of leadership in formulating and implementing technology strategy and delivering business value through vision, governance, and executive management.
• You possess a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the implications of emerging technologies for the wider business environment.
• Domain knowledge in relevant technologies such as
‣ Cloud services, service design, data management
‣ IT operating models
‣ Emerging fields of healthcare data interoperability.

Your Experience
• 15 years or more operating as a senior technologist and leader
• Essential to have experience with cloud business platforms and delivering PaaS / SaaS solutions
• Earlier career experience with architecture/software engineering
• Preference for work experience in both medium to large and start-up to scale-up Organisations
• Track record of execution of strategy and plans
• Track record of delivering great products
• Relevant Tertiary bachelor's or higher degree
• Evidence of passion for learning and skills development

Our Core Values.

Patient first

Big Picture was founded to improve every patient outcome we touch. This mission drives each decision we make.

360 degrees

It is what our name is all about - we see the bigger picture. Our mission is to globally optimise healthcare, not locally optimise a subset of the disconnected system. That is why we need to bring along the entire ecosystem to have the desired impact.

Fail fast

What we are doing at Big Picture is ground breaking and no world changing innovation is discovered through caution. We encourage ourselves to keep moving forward, making smart data-driven decisions quickly. When we fail we need to be agile enough to pivot quickly and go again.

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